I’m special, so special


Author’s note: I wrote this blog post thinking it would go live the day before Anzac Day. Then I realised I’d miscounted my weeks. I’m only human!!! So I’m sorry today’s offering is less topical than originally planned, but I’m counting on the fact that we all like looking at pictures of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe whatever the day.

Specially and especially are both adverbs. They can both be used to mean “for a specific purpose”:

Kate had the red brooch specially/especially made for Anzac Day.

The main road is closed especially/specially for the Dawn Parade.

Especially also means “particularly, more than any other thing”:

The morning tea was delicious, especially the Anzac biscuits.

Or “unusually, exceptionally”:

April seems especially cold this year.

He always found the Last Post especially moving.

And specially also means “in a special way”:

Returned servicemen are treated specially on this day.

There you have it. I hope you enjoyed your Anzac Day (in a sombre, respectful way, of course).