Newsletter: June 2018


In June, we were . . .

Working on


  • Editing a creative non-fiction book about New Zealand naval experiences in World War Two

  • Assessing a collection of children’s stories


  • Writing about fashion wunderkind Maggie Hewitt of Maggie Marilyn

  • Writing about Antonia Prebble’s favourite things to do in Wellington

  • Editing the new displays for the information centre at Auckland’s Cornwall Park


Daisy: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens (the belated Dickens education continues)

India: Autobiography by Morrissey, Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman by Anne Helen Petersen, Promising Young Women by Caroline O’Donoghue and The Collector by John Fowles


Daisy: Battling a sextuple whammy of a tummy bug (there are five in my family: one of us got it twice)

India: Trying to combat the winter blues by milking my birthday month for all it’s worth


Daisy: Learning new words in the course of my work that I can almost imagine using in real life: turbidity (to describe the opacity of water), dreadnought (archaic: a fearless person), stone frigate (a naval establishment on land)

India: My new Doc boots – I spent my teens and 20s embracing every other counterculture cliché imaginable, yet somehow this is the first pair I’ve ever owned

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